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The Revers.io platform centralizes and automates all your after-sales management.  We are committed to simplify the reverse logistics of retailers and the after-sales experience of consumers. Maximize the value of your returns and reduce your logistics costs with intelligent management. Your customers make their purchases with confidence thanks to the simplification of the customer journey and the follow-up transparency.

Founded in 2009, Revers.io develop for Retailers of any size a powerful platform to manage any After-Sales scenario. This API documentation has been developed to ease the integration of AfterSales ecosystem to Revers.io, enabling a seamless experience of clients, collaborators and partners to the Revers.io platform.

Import an Order in Revers.io to enable any AfterSales scenario for the consumer

POST /api/v1/orders

"orderReference": "000-000-001",
    "customerFirstName": "Jean",
    "customerLastName": "Dupond",
"customerMail": "[email protected]",
"purchaseDateUtc": "2020-04-23T18:25:43.511Z",
        "orderLineReference": "0", 
        "modelId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
        "price": {
             "amount": 100.0,
             "currency": "EUR"