Getting started

Using any API requires a Subscription Key and an API Token.

Obtaining a Subscription Key and Api Token

This operation is only necessary the first time you use our APIs or when you need to change your API token.
Connect to the API key management page and create a new application. This will provide you with two Subscription Key / Api Token pairs (to allow for easy rotations).

Make sure to save the API token as it will not be possible to view it after.

Obtaining a JWT Token

In order to use any API, you need to acquire a JWT token using your Subscription Key / Api Token pair. Note that such a token has a validity of one hour and should be regenerated accordingly.
To obtain said token, call the Get token API with the proper Headers set. Once you have obtained a JWT token, you can call every API by specifying your Subscription key / JWT token in the following headers:
  • Subscription key: Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key
  • JWT token: Authorization (Value should be "Bearer <JWT token>")

Make sure you never transmit your API Token to an API once you have obtained your JWT token.